Your Accountant Should Be Doing This For YOU

ScotiaAccounting  |  5th November

Modern day accountants shouldn’t be providing just a “once-a-year” service. Your accountant should be in touch with you on a monthly or, at the very least, quarterly basis; whether it to review your accounts, a monthly newsletter to update you on changes in legislation or workshops to add value to your investment.

After all it is an investment. You want to see a return on the investment you have made in your accountant.

Below is a list of 5 things that you accountant should be doing for you:

  1. Changes in legislation – tax rates & thresholds, for example, change every year. Your accountant should make you aware of these well in advance so you can plan ahead.
  2. Software – business owners are increasingly taking more responsibility of their bookkeeping and general finances. Your accountant should be recommending reliable and affordable software to record your business transactions.
  3. Workshops – your accountant should be doing more than just accounting. They should realise that business is more than number crunching. Its operations, processes, sales & marketing. Workshops are a great way to add value to your service.
  4. Returning calls/emails – sounds fairly standard but a recent poll by Accounting Web stated that clients biggest problem was that their accountant was hard to get a hold of. Your accountant should not be hiding from you.
  5. Advising on growth – issues relating to cash flow, margins etc should be highlighted before it is too late.

Ask yourself if your accountant does any of the above. If not ask them to.

If you need help with your accounts, growing your business or just someone to return your calls you can get in touch with us here.