Slow month? Turn a negative into a positive

ScotiaAccounting  |  29th July

Sales and prospects slow this month? Turn this negative into a positive by putting your new found time into planning and analysing. Make sure you use this time productively rather than chasing lost causes and sitting twiddling your thumbs waiting for leads or new customers to come in. Here’s our advice for staying positive.

1. Reflect

Review how your business has performed financially up to this point in the year. It offers a great chance for you to bring your finances and accounts up to date. Compare your results to your previous two or three years and see how business has progressed. This will also give you the opportunity to scrutinise your spending and see where you could make some savings.

2. Re – group

Ask yourself why is business quiet just now? It may mean you have to redraft your marketing plan. Explore new avenues for leads which might mean going to that monthly networking group you’ve never managed to get along to or freshening up your social networks.

3. Speak to your clients/customers

It is vitally important to keep your current clients happy. Take them out for a coffee and a catch up. Ask them how their business is doing. You never know, it may lead to new business for you.

4. Combine work and play

Everyone needs some time off to relax and refresh the mind. This may be a good time for you to take that week’s holiday you have been thinking of all year. Having a break and turning your phone off can work wonders for your mind set and you will come back motivated to take the rest of the year on.

5. Do not panic

It is so easy to automatically think of worse case scenarios when business goes quiet. The worst things you can do are panic and make rash decisions. Relax, take a breath and speak to someone whether it is your business partner, mentor, customers, local business group or even family you willfind support.

We hope this helps and remember to always see the positives.

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