How Do I Motivate My Staff?

ScotiaAccounting  |  16th April

Once your business is up and running you might start to think about hiring staff. This can be an amazing next step for your business but remember that your staff will need to be looked after.

Here are our top five tips for motivating staff…

1. Happy workers = happy customers

If you want your staff to accomplish great things for your business then providing a great work environment is key. Treat your staff the way you would like them to treat your customers in order to

get the best from them. Motivation doesn’t always mean money.

2. Train, train, train

Even if you’ve hired the best person for the job train them to show them what you expect. A once monthly session might only take you an hour or so but it will be

invaluable to your staff as they bed into the company. Everyone does things differently so showing your employees how you do things will help to bring everyone into alignment.

3. Take time to chat

A ten-minute chat once a week could be all you need to motivate your staff. A quick meeting on a Monday to detail what your expectations are for the coming week and to catch up on the past week is a fantastic idea and your staff will feel

confident leaving the meeting with a full timetable.

4. Rewards

A yearly bonus is often an expectation but if you can’t afford to dole out cash to your staff then give them the gift of time.

An extra day of holiday or the possibility of working flexitime can help. If they know they can have an afternoon off to watch their kids in a play or celebrate their birthday they may be more motivated when they are in the office.

5. Regular appraisals

A six monthly appraisal is the ideal way to keep track of your staff and their progress; it’s the perfect opportunity for them to tell your about their thoughts too.

If your staff know that you care they will be more likely to work hard for you.