Big Impact, Small Budget

ScotiaAccounting  |  1st September

Marketing your business doesn’t need to cost big bucks to be effective.

Many small businesses make the mistake of being too ambitious too soon, pouring all of their money into one all singing, all dancing piece of advertising that carries no guarantee of success.

Growing a local customer base is invaluable to getting your business off the ground and turning it into the company of your dreams. With that in mind, it’s important to become active in your customer community. tells us that the average new consumer needs to hear about a business seven times before committing to a purchase. So, a single and expensive full-page advert in a top magazine isn’t going to cut the mustard.


Referrals are often cited as the most important driver to small and start-up businesses.

That means your first marketing tactic should simply be to make the best impression possible, engage with each customers at every opportunity and give them cause to remember you for the right reasons!

Engage on Social Media

 Get yourself out there on the web by setting up a company Twitter account, a proper Facebook business page and an official TripAdvisor listing if relevant. You might also want to create a business LinkedIn Account.

Putting a small budget towards some targeted Facebook advertising will put your business on the news-feeds of the target audience. A good digital marketing agency can help you with this.

Optimize your on-line presence!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a sure-fire way to boost the visibility of your business on-line by placing it higher in Google and other search engine results.

Again, a good digital marketing agency should do this for you if they’re building your website. If you’re currently writing your own web copy, you’ll need to decide on a set of keywords. There’s a great guide to improving your SEO here.

Blog, blog, blog

Constantly creating fresh, interesting content will boost your on-line visibility. Make sure to tag your blog with relevant keywords.

Commenting on blogs by local people or key customers is also a great way to push your brand in front of the right people!