5 go-to start-up websites

ScotiaAccounting  |  11th March

Successful start-ups are like sponges – soaking up knowledge, insight and guidance from the right sources from day one.

When starting your business, Google is a go-to. As such you’ll most likely find yourself searching for information at least twice a week.  Here’s a few of our favourite sites for doing just that and keeping you on the right track…


This is the place to go when you’re taking those first tentative steps in business
and, to put it bluntly, you really have no idea what you’re doing.

The Princes Trust can help you turn your business dreams into a reality and they
may even help you to secure funding.


If you have a fledgling business but you’re not quite sure of the financial
intricacies then the HMRC website is a fantastic source of information for those
middle of the night panics.

They also have some great articles on payments and tax returns to help you
through the financial minefield of a new business.


The self proclaimed No. 1 service for start-ups is possibly right!

Here you can find lots of helpful links and articles about the latest news for start-
up businesses; they have information on everything from business plans to logo
designing and even franchising.


You can refer here for help with lots of start-up questions as well as some firsts
that may occur later in your business’ life.

Advice on recruiting staff is on The Start Up Donut as well as tips on people
management and employment rights.


After a year or so you might be well versed in business but every now and then
there are some questions that you won’t be able to answer on your own.

Smallbusiness.co.uk is there for these moments as well as being a good site to
refer to for the latest small business news and advice.

It has articles advising on marketing, shareholdings and much much more.